Digital Radio Gateway according to Df-Stecker protocol.


Df.portal is a concentrator, TETRA gateway, which implements a so-called DF-Stecker protocol towards clients. It offers big variety of features:

  • Voice and data with E2EE

  • Organisation structure sychronizing

  • DF-Stecker 1.0 and DF-Stecker 2.0 draft support

  • Resource sharing (groups)

  • Resource sharing (ISSI)

  • Separated customers on the same gateway (Mandantenf)

  • SIP Recording (siprec)

It consists of following components:

  • Control.portal
    • TMG (TETRA Management Gateway)
    • CoP (Configuration Portal)
  • Audio.portal
    • E1S (E1 Service....link E1-IP Gateway)
    • Crys (Crypting Service)
    • RaTS (Routing and Transcoding Service)

Df.portal is compatible with following products  IP Radio TouchIP Radio Phone StandardIP Radio Phone Comfort and Voice Recorder.

Df.portal scheme